ROSSAT - 2: Tool For Organisations (T4O)


The Tool for Organisations (T4O) is a practical tool to assist organisations to reflect on their recovery oriented service provision. The T4O can be used as a whole-of-organisation tool or at a service-delivery-team level. The ROSSAT Tool for Organisations Version 2 is psychometrically validated, and includes consideration of education and training for consumers and carers, responding to diversity and trauma informed care service planning and provision.


Resource type: Toolkit
Access period: 1 month
File type: PDF/ Word
File size: PDF 1MB/ Word 602KB


Advice For Users

  • An organisation may choose to complete all of the Evidence Categories, or select one or more to focus on at a time.
  • The organisation prioritises the selected Evidence Categories to be completed and sets a timeframe for completion.
  • The T4O is completed by selected organisational representative/s based on the systems level of the organisation.
  • Completion of the T4O tool from an organisational perspective will require drawing on the expertise of other people within the organisation, as well as active involvement by consumers and carers who access the service.
  • The process of completing ROSSAT is outlined to workers. This may be done through meetings, supervision sessions or internal communications. Recovery oriented service provision is kept as a standing agenda item in team meetings.
  • It is recommended that all workers in an organisation complete the Tool for Workers (T4W) first, however will be determined by each organisation.



  • ROSSAT Tool for Organisation (Microsoft Word .docx file)
  • ROSSAT Tool for Organisation (PDF file)