Will the course work on my tablet or my mobile phone?

We recommend courses are viewed on a desktop or laptop as they are built using Flash and most new tablets or mobile phones don't support Flash content. That said, courses can be viewed on a tablet (using HTML5) but be aware they may be slower to load and may have some compatability issues. Viewing the course on a mobile phone is not recommended.

Can I view the resource or toolkit on my tablet or my mobile phone?

If your tablet or mobile phone has the required software installed then most resources can be viewed. Check the resource file type on the product page to check what software or app you may need.

Why can't I login via Facebook on Chrome for iOS?

Unfortunately Chrome for iSO (on Apple iPads or iPhones) does not allow the "Login via Facebook" feature. You will need to use a Safari browser to access the course.

I set up my account using the Login via Facebook. Why can't I login under Existing User?

Due to the way the system is designed once you set up an account using your Facebook login you will always need to login by clicking the "Login Via Facebook" link.

I can't find my purchased course/files

When you have purchased a product, you have 30 days to access e-learning modules or download resources. Login to you account from the navigation menu above. Click on 'View Files & Training'. Click on 'View Files/Launch Training' in the list of purchased item(s). For e-learning modules, complete each stage to unlock access to more content.

My access has expired but I haven't finished the course/ downloaded my resources. What can I do?

If you need more time please send a request for extension in writing to

How can I get more help?

If you need more help you can contact us through our online form or send an email to