Recovery Characteristics - Complete set


So what does recovery look like? Recovery research has identified 13 common characteristics of recovery (to read the research click here). This is a complete set of the recovery characteristics, used in Understanding Mental Health Recovery, as A4 sized downloadable posters.

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  • Poster 01: Recovery... as an active process
  • Poster 02: Recovery... as a gradual process
  • Poster 03: Recovery... individual and unique
  • Poster 04: Recovery... as a journey
  • Poster 05: Recovery... a life-changing experience
  • Poster 06: Recovery... many dimensions
  • Poster 07: Recovery... non-linear
  • Poster 08: Recovery... as stages or phases
  • Poster 09: Recovery... as a struggle
  • Poster 10: Recovery... aided by a supportive and healing environment
  • Poster 11: Recovery... trial and error
  • Poster 12: Recovery... can occur without cure
  • Poster 13: Recovery... can occur without professional 'intervention'

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