Recovery Suite - 1: Understanding Mental Health Recovery


This course takes learners on a journey through the key concepts of mental health recovery.

Participants will explore the myths and realities of recovery through a range of learning activities and video components, including consumer perspectives on recovery as a unique and individual journey.

This course will fundamentally change the way you view the experience of living with a mental health condition and the importance of supporting hope, connectedness and a meaningful life.

Level: Introduction
Duration: 30 minutes
Delivery: Self-paced


Desktop/ Laptop viewing: Compatible
Tablet viewing: Limited compatibility
Mobile phone viewing: Not recommended


Who is this for

  • People experiencing mental health conditions
  • Families, friends and carers of people experiencing mental health conditions
  • New mental health workers
  • Professionals from non-mental health sectors

Course Topics

  • Mental health recovery myths
  • What is mental health recovery?
  • What does mental health recovery look like? 13 characteristics of recovery
  • What does mental health recovery involve? CHIME
  • Different approaches

Learning Outcomes

  • Improve interactions with people living with a mental illness through awareness of basic mental health recovery concepts.
  • Develop an understanding of the difference between modern recovery approaches to mental health compared to more traditional approaches

What others have said about this course

"[Understanding Mental Health Recovery] was amazing. I come from a non-mental health acute care nursing background and I didn’t realise that recovery from a mental illness was possible without professional intervention. The course has changed my whole perspective on mental health and I particularly liked the overwhelming sense of hope and possibility conveyed in the personal stories of recovery."

Technical requirements

One of the following browsers:

  • Windows: Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox 1+, Google Chrome, Opera 9.5+
  • Mac: Safari 3+, Firefox +, Google Chrome

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