Trauma-Informed Care and Practice Organisational Toolkit (TICPOT): DIY Package


TICPOT is a quality improvement organisational change resource designed to assist a diversity of organisations to embed Trauma-Informed Care and Practice (TICP) principles into every aspect of their operating structure and practice.

TICPOT has been designed to be applied across mental health and human services in public, community and private contexts. It is part of a broader national initiative to promote the integration of the trauma-informed care and practice approach across service systems and programs in Australia.

TICPOT has been mapped against national standards and the recovery-oriented service assessment organisational tool (ROSSAT) and should be considered as evidence in seeking or maintaining accreditation.

TICPOT supports organisations to build an organisational culture that establishes the safety necessary to better respond to the needs of all service users including families and carers, whilst supporting staff at all levels of engagement. TICPOT can be undertaken in one of two ways:

  • A DIY self-assessment tool – select from the TICPOT product items below
  • A comprehensive online assessment package with orientation, post-assessment report and supporting resources for completion (facilitated by and experienced MHCC consultant) -
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Selecting the number of participants (DIY completion)

When selecting a TICPOT DIY Package that is right for your organisation, the number of TICPOT participants selected should reflect the number of participants in your organisation that you wish to involve in the TICPOT quality improvement process. So, it is not just about the size of your organisation, but how broadly you wish to incorporate TICP across the organisation.  For example, you may want to include numerous staff from every part of the organisation – So consider size, geography, roles, responsibilities, services and programs. We strongly recommend establishing a small working group to take a leadership role in this process. If you need some more information or advice about the packages, please contact MHCC Consultancy Services below.


For more information about TICPOT and MHCC’s TICPOT Consultancy contact:
Phone: 02 9555 8388


TICPOT DIY: Up to 25 Participants

View Details$1,000.00 (plus GST)

TICPOT DIY: 26-50 Participants

View Details$1,500.00 (plus GST)

TICPOT DIY: 51-75 Participants

View Details$2,000.00 (plus GST)

TICPOT DIY: 76-100 Participants

View Details$2,500.00 (plus GST)

TICPOT DIY: 100+ Participants

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