Recovery Oriented Service Self-Assessment Toolkit (ROSSAT)

The Recovery Oriented Service Self-Assessment Toolkit (ROSSAT) was developed by the Mental Health Coordinating Council in consultation with Being | Mental Health and Wellbeing Consumer Advisory Group, consumers, carers and community managed organisations (CMOs). ROSSAT was psychometrically validated in partnership with the University of Sydney. ROSSAT is comprised of two tools and other resources including:


  • Tool for Workers (T4W)
  • Tool for Organisations (T4O)


  • User Guide
  • Cross References of ROSSAT Tool for Organisations against the National Standards for Mental Health
  • Literature Review


The ROSSAT tools and resources were built based on expertise of lived experience, practice wisdom and the existing evidence base on recovery. This ensured that the evidence items and competencies are relevant, comprehensive and useful. ROSSAT can also be used to measure a service’s performance on a range of requirements including the National Standards for Mental Health Services (Commonwealth of Australia, 2010).

ROSSAT resources are freely available to download. For more information on ROSSAT or MHCC’s ROSSAT Consultancy—designed to assist organisations to use these resources and support continuous quality improvement—email


ROSSAT - 1: Tool for Workers

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ROSSAT - 2: Tool for Organisations

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ROSSAT - 3: Resources

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